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How to Use Words to Stir Up or Reclaim Your Sex Life (EXPLICIT)


“It’s about seduction, power, ego, conquest, accomplishment, and validation. It’s about knowing he’s rendered you defenseless against his magnificent dong and incredible sexual knowledge. It’s the satisfaction that he can deliver. It’s the pride he takes in making ladylike you lose all control in the bedroom. IT IS NOT about candlelight and music. It’s about dirty f*cking. Sorry.”

Did you know that there is something such as  verbal Viagra? It is the ability to arouse a partner with words, literally. I will teach you four simple steps to being able to arouse your man with words, using an emotional “tapping” technique where at any given point, you can give your man an erection of which he has no control over. Doesn’t that sound amusing?

First of all… let me give you some background. It amazes me how we have so many liberal thoughts in this “modern age”—but when it comes to sex—some women still are (and some are expected to be) in the dark ages.

I have four children. I currently have twenty members to my immediate family. My grandmother had 11 brothers and sisters. Guess what? The women in my family enjoy sex. Where do you think all the children come from, a cabbage patch?

Part of my job is to keep discussions going amongst my friends, men and women alike, to gauge thoughts on a certain topic. Sadly, a great deal of women have lost their sexual connection with their partners, sex having become a chore. This is not surprising because from the time women are little ladies, they are taught that ladies “behave a certain way”. They are told that boys never marry the bad girls, and that good girls end up not only with the husband, but with the happy home. No wonder we associate enjoying sex with failure.

Here’s the deal: the REALITY is that those same little girls grow up. Their hormones change, and their personalities expand. What the heck are they then supposed to do with all the “feelings” of desire—their natural response as taught to them since they were young is to suppress them. Instead, I offer this solution…

First and foremost get over it. By now, you’re married, or in a committed relationship. Your husband or partner knows you’re not a whore.

Secondly, learn to COMMUNICATE your language of desire. We are sexual beings full of energy and passion. Let it out. It’s OK to initiate sex and communicate your inner desires… ESPECIALLY to your partner who is supposed to support and share a friendship with you above all else. Get out of that comfort zone of baking cookies or paying bills. Stop being his mother—he already had one—BE THE LOVER HE THOUGHT HE WAS GETTING.

Now, let’s get to the details of using verbal Viagra. There are many forms of communicating to accomplish the verbal Viagra response, but my favorite is texting. One of the greatest inventions has been the ability to text. It gives a shy woman the ability to separate herself a little from the use of embarrassing “dirty” words. It also allows for the control of the environment. I will explain further.

Have you ever had sex where you “upped the ante” just a little—had sex in a forbidden place, or a forbidden time (when the in laws were in the next room)? The added excitement builds the release and makes the act much more enjoyable. Using sexually explicit texts in a situation where you cannot act on them works in a similar way.

STEP ONE: Choose A Situation.
You need to be together where there are other people near you and its not easy for you to rush off and have sex.

– a social gathering or a party
– a group dinner
– a sporting event

It could be anything. The important detail is that you are somewhere where you can make direct eye contact and use your phones without drawing too much attention to yourselves. If he has a habit of turning his phone off or down, make sure you casually make yourself to him and tell him to check his phone.
STEP TWO: The First Message

Hit him like a TON of bricks. Don’t hold back here—it is important to take the carpet out from underneath him. Compliment how sexy he looks, or compliment him on something he did in the past.

– “You look hot in that shirt.”
– “That suit makes you fucking sexy.”
– “You looked sweaty and delicious after your workout”
– “Your ass looked good this morning when you hopped in the shower”
Expect your man to look at you like you’ve gone nuts—but LOOK FOR THE GRIN… I promise it will be there. Then wait a few minutes before you send the next text. Watch how he will rapidly grab his phone with curiosity.
So now that you have his attention, turn up the heat to get him physically aroused. “Do you want to see what you have done to me—wink if so.”

Now send him a series of texts (whether he winks or not—remember, he is caught off guard, so he might not have the correct responses)

“My tight…” wait 5 seconds
“Wet…” wait 5 seconds
“Throbbing” wait 5 seconds
“ kitty is aching for you, and I want to feel you inside of me right this very second” (Use your favorite choice of vagina description–I happen to love kitty).
”I want to ride you right now until you cum”.
Or, “What if I unzipped your pants right now and started sucking you. Because all I can do is think about it.”

I know, these are words you are not comfortable with. I’m Catholic—and there’s nothing like Catholic guilt, so I know it’s difficult. But there’s a point to this. The connection you will make with your partner will open doors to a companionship that you both need and will enjoy. (note: if you know your man is SUPER old fashioned, try using a more toned down, lady like language that gets the same point across)

STEP FOUR: Down to Business
Chances are when you make an early exit from the gathering, and when you are alone MAKE GOOD ON THE PROMISES—he will all of a sudden realize that he still has the ability to turn a woman on with just his presence—and there’s nothing like that feeling for a man.

ADDED SECRET ADVICE: It would make this the most erotic of experiences if you combine this tantric sex tip: Make eye contact when reaching orgasm. Right before he is ready to release, make sure to let him know you want him to look at you. This serves to quickly deepen your intimacy level and couple connection, and can make the experience absolutely earth shattering.