How To Seduce ANY Woman in 7 Steps

seduce a woman

Are you infatuated with a certain female? Are you coworkers, or internet friends– perhaps you met at a restaurant bar and haven’t been able to stop thinking about her.

Seducing a woman is an art form. It is, BY NO MEANS, a game. “Bros” who think they “got game” usually end up holding their manhood all by their lonesome at the end– it takes a real man to seduce a woman, so listen up and get ready to know exactly what you need to do to make this happen.

First and foremost, if you want to seduce a woman– or even getting her close to liking you– you need to be able to get her attention. This means standing out from the rest of the masses honing in on the same target. If you can be the kind of guy that girls want and desire, it makes seducing them the next natural step.

I tell this to both men and women, in order to prepare to receive love in your lives you have to value yourself, and become a valuable asset. This means you have to pay attention to your person, your work, your mind, your health, and the way you dress. At the end, everyone chooses a life partner by sizing up the assets that will be brought to a relationship. That is different for everybody, but the basics remain a constant. People tend to fall in love with people who can represent a long, stable, working and happy relationship. So the more you work on yourself to achieve the best possible you, the better.


Women are not that difficult to read. Most men just either try to hard and blow their chances straight out, or say something wrong at the wrong time. Timing , like in everything, is of essence. Therefore, focus on building sexual tension. This is usually not obtained by being forward. Most women HATE forward men, or men that are all in their space. Instead, take a backseat approach. Let her know you like her by telling her you like how she dances, or how beautiful her eyes are. If you work together– tell her something like ” I really admire how organized you are– it’s amazing to me”. Don’t make it obvious your intention is to seduce her. Make her wonder what’s on your mind.


Get close to her. If you want to seduce her, you need to get to know what makes her tick. Does she like the “alpha male” that will take over and make her feel safe and protected, does she prefer the “best friend” type of boyfriend, or is she the type of female that likes to maintain all the control. Listen to her conversation– I guarantee if she is at all receptive to seduction she will tell you EXACTLY what she is looking for within the first conversation. Take the cues she gives you to fit into her world, which will make you more likeable.  Don’t come on too strong when trying to get close– you may frighten her away. Be warm and friendly, and don’t hit on her the first night. Make sure before the end of the conversation that she knows you are an alpha male, by telling her just ONE thing about what you expect in the woman of your dreams– “she has to take care of herself, she has to love music”, etc. But keep it on the lighter side– no religion or politics. The idea you will transfer in her head is” “I can be that woman”. We all love a challenge.


The rules of texting are straight forward. the night time conversations and texting should be more on the flirty side, during the day, however, keep all conversations normal and do not refer to the flirty texts UNLESS SHE DOES. Live two telephone lives.  This will intrigue and confuse her, thereby making you a “more valuable” asset, and build up the sexual energy.


Build the sexual tension. So you have talked on the phone, maybe have gone out to lunch. (I know what you’re thinking– “Seducing her takes more than one day?”– the answer is YES. Unless she’s easy.) By now, she should feel a “tingle” each time you touch her accidentally or otherwise. This is where you make her crave your touch. Let your hand linger on her back, or her arm, Whisper something in her ear, play with her fingers when no one is watching. Build the sexual attraction right, and she will turn to putty.


The first dirty conversation. All those flirty texts border-lining on naughty have been culminating to the first phone sex/ text. This is a very important step NOT TO SKIP. If you take her to bed before this, you risk it not going as she imagined– but if you play it out first on the phone, you will know what makes her excited, thereby giving you a lead in the lovemaking department, and assuring yourself a successful outcome for the first encounter. Start simple, ask her a question that seems innocent but can lead to something dirty. “what are you wearing right now” will always get you there.


After the first dirty conversation, ask her out THE NEXT DAY. Please do not wait longer than that. She will feel used and everything that you have been building will come crashing down as she will start envisioning the 101 ways she wants to murder you.


At the end of the date, DO NOT TAKE HER TO BED! Just make out with her, passionately touch her, but save the sex for the one last night when she will be in your total control. Make sure to tell her that you enjoy everything about her– and that she is important to you.

Women are a mystery– but they are all pretty much moved the same way sexually. If she’s worth it, you will play it right. The 7 infallible steps I have just given you will assure you to have any woman that you set your eyes on. If played by key, it will also assure you the best sex of your life. Your welcome.


    • lizzie
    • January 28th, 2015

    Wow, you called it exactly! It’s as if he read your instructions in April, and spent months following your guidance. I fell hard…

    • Dorian J Roark
    • August 29th, 2018

    How do you seduce someone who doesn’t like being touched, in any way?

    • The age old answer to this is simple. Use your EYES. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Also, pay attention to the scent you wear. Some scents set off pheromones and could Aiden you in the art pd seduction. Pay attention to what works for your intended.

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