How To Keep Those Wandering Eyes– On YOU!

Ever been in the position where your mate stares at a beautiful woman (or handsome man) while in your presence?  It’s happened to the best of us—if not all of us.

This has nothing to do with your mate being insensitive, or not loving you enough.  Simply stated, we are human, and we have a tendency to follow our instinct, sometimes to our own detriment.

I promised my readers the secret to keep your mate from ogling another in your presence.  It basically boils down to one simple concept: People in happy relationships are secure–period.

No matter how many questions I am asked regarding relationships, this always seems to be the key.  Security in a relationship only exists if a person is secure with him or herself.  When a person feels secure in their relationship, everyone else, no matter how beautiful or eye-catching, becomes secondary. Therefore, the temptation to have their interest piqued by someone else will lose its grip.

Men can’t resist a charming, funny, “un-clingy” mate who is in control of herself, the same goes for a woman who recognizes this in her man.  The next time you are with your man and a beautiful woman comes in a room, try pointing her out, for instance.  Let him know you also recognize beauty and are not threatened by it. This simple strategy has a double effect:

1) It allows the mate to look at the person without the discomfort and the guilt, and

2) It puts one in a position of superiority in the situation—taking the reigns back from the person being looked at and giving them back to you.

Genius, right?

Now let me spell this out… this does not mean you have to point out every single beautiful woman in the room—you know which ones you can’t ignore.  The same ones he can’t ignore.  So use the strategy wisely!

Soon enough, your mate will eventually learn by transference that although there might be someone with a bigger bosom or more muscles, YOU are the better package!


— Your Friend and Muse, Bella Bardot

    • Robert Seidman (Bob)
    • February 22nd, 2012

    This is Bob S from our page,
    First of all, NO man should ever feel that he owns a woman ! To keep the woman he is with, from looking at other men is WRONG. If a woman is attracted to another man, then so be it. Where most men go wrong with a women is that they feel , the woman belongs to him. A woman is NOT property, she is a human being who has thoughts, feelings and desires. It is a natural human feeling to look at an attractive person, it is when there is no longer that feeling of passion, or want to be with the other person , that we ACT, on the magnetic attraction to another and so the relationship starts to fall apart. To say, “it’s okay, I understand, you are interested in another” and just let go is hard to do, but a healthy act and respectful of the other feelings. Because if a person really loves the other, they will be happy for them as she/he has found real love. It’s time to move on and continue to search, for the one !

  1. I FIRMLY agree– again, ti goes back to my point that “security in a relationship only exists if a person is secure with him or herself”. Being secure in yourself means that you accept that you have given or are giving the best part of yourself to your mate– if your mate at any point chooses to not appreciate that, it is your mate’s defect, not yours! LOVE YOURSELF…
    and all will follow!


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