Mom gave me this rule towards the the top of the list– Rule Number 22 (out of 100) To Keep A Lasting Relationship. I didn’t figure out until later that it was towards the top because it is also the best way to flirt , and grab and keep your desired ones attention.

Rule Number 22 is :  Touch Your Mate’s Forearm When You Speak To Him/Her.   Now, this doesn’t have to happen in every conversation, but the more you do it, as a natural gesture in a conversation, the more you carve your way inside their heart.

There are actually a couple of physical (or scientific) factors behind this move.  The first is that the smooth underside in a forearm is highly sensitive due to the thinner skin layer. The second is the top of  forearm is also extra- sensitive due to the nerve-filled hair follicles.  The forearm, therefore, is so highly perceptive to sensation that it is one of the easier routes to a person’s emotions. Remember this: touch the forearm, touch the heart.

Try this the next time that you are involved in a conversation with the opposite sex-– touch the forearm (either upper or lower) while you are speaking, and for just a moment.  you should notice that direct eye contact becomes keener between you and the person you are holding the conversation with.

In a relationship, or in a marriage, communication is the key to its survival.  We need to make sure that our mate understands that we are “present” in the conversation that we are holding with them. The easiest way to reinforce this is by touching their forearm while speaking to them, especially if on is asking for something.

Why is it important to touch the forearm when requesting something form our mate?  the forearm touch is known as a touch for compliance because it attempts to direct  the behavior that person, and often, also to influence  their attitudes or feelings.

(In a study by Willis and Hamm (1980), participants were asked to sign a petition. While 55% of those not touched agreed to sign it, this went up to 81% of those participants touched once on the forearm. A second study asked people to fill in a questionnaire. The same touch increased compliance from 40% to 70%.)

So there’s something of substance to Rule Number 22.  Personally, since being told of the rule I have subconsciously used it in all areas of life, and can’t help to think that I have had a lot more doors open to me because of it.  So try it friends, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

-Your Friend and Muse, Bella Bardot

    • Philip Amorando
    • February 13th, 2012

    I never realized it but it’s true thx

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