Making Love With Intention…

Rule Number 78 To Keep A Lasting Relationship (And A Happy One At That!)

This is one of my favorites, and one that you are not likely to forget too easily. I tried to find where this rule originated, but the more I searched, the more I realized it may have originated in one of those “forbidden” places in some of the most romantic places on earth– like Paris, France,  or anywhere in Italy.

But let’s get to the good stuff.  Making love can become a laborious routine which may be  little- enjoyed when one has spent a certain amount of years in a monogamous relationship. The reason for this tragedy, I think,  has to do with the reality that we have lost the “tastefulness” of the act, and that we have forgotten what the act itself represents.

Making love should be romantic, memorable.  It must be able to touch your heart and emotions–for both women and men. When we lose the “intention” of romance, you start to lose the desire, and after you have lost the desire, other things become lost, little by little.

Rule Number 78 says that one should always make love with intention by taking care of ones “natural body juices” in order  to attract and keep your loved one… AND THIS RULE IS FOR BOTH WOMEN AND MEN!

The rule says that women should drink an herbal tea (tisane)  made with a mixture  of orange blossom, rose water and mint at least once a week. The man must remember to drink pineapple juice.  According to legend, these teas or drinks, when taken at least weekly, maintain a fresh level of  “sweetened love juices”  and puts us in a very pleasant disposition, so the couple can fully enjoy the act of making love.

When I did my research, I found that even  my great-grandmother knew about the love tea. It turns out, that some of the finest ladies from the turn of the century came to know about sweetening the “love juices” before  getting married. What is TRULY sad, is that in this age that we live in, where sex and the talk of it is EVERYWHERE, we have lost this type of bejeweled advice for couples. It’s time to reclaim sex for what it should be– for LOVE and ROMANCE!
If we want to eat well, we learn to cook. If we want to catch the best fish,  we buy the best rods, reels and bait. To excel at any sport, we train. So why not also put the same effort to the act of making love? An act that is not only necessary to maintain a stable relationship, but when we celebrate it, it  keeps us happy.
So there it is,  Rule Number 78:  Making Love With Intention–by preparing for the event with a “love potion” very easy to make and implement. Drink away, friends, and keep those sweet “love juices”, well…flowing!

Your Friend and Muse, Bella Bardot

* Please always consult a doctor before using any herbal tea, especially if you are pregnant or might not be aware of certain allergies. These tips should not replace the advice of your physician or medical professional.

    • Kevin
    • June 8th, 2012

    Hi Bella i really need some advice I am a male who experiences a lot of spontaneous erection. It’s ridiculous, My problem is that I model nude for art classes and have difficulty preventing or getting rid of my erection. The whole thinking about something else idea never works for me. I was wondering if you could tell me of a cream or something I could use to prevent an erection or possibly make an erection go away. I tried lots of home remedies but still get an erection anyway. Is there something that numbs for a period of a few hours that I could use? I thought of using some desensitizing creams you can find at adult stores, but didn’t bother trying them because I figured they’re designed to help you keep your erection, not lose it. It would be very helpful if you could help me out ive been looking for some help

    • Aww, my friend, what a problem to have! I have heard that salt peter when added to foods can have the effect you are looking for. HOWEVER, there are some studies that state that it can cause other types of problems, or have an ill effect later in life. The wisest thing would be to take this question up with your health care professional.

      Please talk to your physician. But thank you for the visual!


        • bella
        • September 26th, 2014

        Salt Peter has the OPPOSITE effect! It is said that in some correctional facilities in some countries, salt peter is used to maintain “control”of the inmates by adding salt peter to their foods, so that they remain, well, “passionless”. It is always best to do much reaearch. Thank you for your reply! – Bella

  1. Bella, great article. I bought the ingredients. However, what is the amount of each that I need to use to make the drink properly? Thanks!

    • Just peel a ripe orange, boil the rind with some mint leaves (6 will do fine, or a mint teabag) and one rosehips or tea bag and you’re good to go! Have FUN!

    • Joni Azarakhsh
    • February 22nd, 2013

    Bella, I bought some different teas and was wondering if they are ok for the Tisane Tea. Tazo passion, Tazo refresh mint and Tazo wild sweet orange. I am also making ice-tea instead of hot tea..Will I still have the same benefits?? Thank You..

    • Yes Joni! those are fine– and any temperature is also fine, old wives tales say that the hot teas move through the body faster,but it is the brewing process that is more important. Hotter water has a higher solubility, so if you were making tea with hot water, it would be little get stronger than if you used cold water to make your tea. But in the end, there generally isn’t that much difference between hot and cold tea. Perhaps you could make it as hot tea, and AFTER it brews and turns lukewarm you could transfer it to the refrigerator. AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE SURE THAT THE TEAS YOU ARE USING DO NOT COUNTERACT ANY MEDICATIONS YOU MIGHT BE TAKING… It is always best to check with your healthcare practitioner when in doubt! Thanks for checking in!


    • Linda Galliton
    • November 26th, 2017

    Is there a recipe?

  1. March 2nd, 2012
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